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One of my customers has specialist database software built on the FileMaker Pro database engine. The unfortunate downside to this is that certain legacy plugins they are using for FileMaker only support Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 and not the latest Office 2010. This means that any new systems need to purchase legacy versions of Microsoft Office, which seems to be almost impossible apart from purchasing old stock. I managed to find that a reputable retailer (eBuyer) had some suitable licenses in stock:

  • Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 – W/ MS Office Professional 2007 (Trial) – licence – 1 PC – OEM, MLK – Win

As you can see, this is for Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, this include Outlook (unlike the Home and Student version) and Publisher (Unlike the Standard version or below). This license is suitable for their needs. One major downside to this is that “MLK” means “Medialess License Kit”, which means they do not supply a CD or DVD with this purchase, just the license key. Perfect, well almost: Where the heck do you get the media from? I don’t have a copy of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007. Nobody I know has a copy of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007. Even the largest bit torrent website on the planet doesn’t have Microsoft Office Small Business 2007. You can’t purchase a CD or DVD if you tried, they simply aren’t on sale. With a little searching I managed to find official Microsoft Office 2007 Direct Download Links:

Above you’ll find direct download links. Sorry, there’s no License Keys here, just downloads, please don’t ask me for a license key as they aren’t available to me.

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12 Responses to Microsoft Office 2007 Downloads

  1. Ben M says:

    Thanks for the great post – I was in a similar situation – a customer has the license but no physical media.

    I couldn’t find a copy on the Microsoft sites or on torrents. You saved me a lot of searching!

    Much appreciated.

  2. I am unable to down load the software using http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net/msoffice/pub/X12-30196/X12-30196.exe
    Reply comes back “ooops line broken”

  3. wade says:

    I believe all the Digital River links are no longer functional, I believe Microsoft terminated the contract.

    However, you can try the the Web Archive links:

  4. its very ok on my pc i have a code

  5. Jan says:

    Microsoft moved the files to their Azure platform. Everything is still available.

  6. Helpinghand says:

    No need to…


    Punch in your key, and download the latest copy from Microsoft Diret

  7. Spork Schivago says:

    Hey, I’m working on a customers PC and they have a legit copy of Office 2007 Enterprise Volume License edition. Do you know where I can find a unmodified copy of this? The enterprise one doesn’t accept the VLK. Thanks.

  8. rcentros says:

    That last link works for Professional, Student and Business, but not for Enterprise, which is what you need for the HUP program. Fortunately the Archive Org still works.

    We have also have a HUP license for 2010, but wouldn’t work for a professional Power Point presentation we need. Kept breaking down when playing videos.

  9. rcentros says:

    BTW, thank you very much for the links. I have to rebuild the computer (for my wife) and wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row before doing it. Somewhere we already have this file downloaded — but it’s nice to be sure.

  10. Danielle C says:

    I’ve searched for AGES looking for a download for the Office Ultimate 2007 suite since I built a new PC and thought I had saved the file from my old one. Thank you so much for having these here!!!

  11. fenix says:

    thanks for the links,been googling the whole day looking for the iso

  12. San says:

    Thanks for the great post – I was in a similar situation – I have the license but no physical media and download link does not work: http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent.net/01/500332352-3962601-O12PROTR-EUR//msoffice/pub/X12-30062/X12-30062.exe

    I called Microsoft, got passed around 5 teams, spent 45 minutes on the phone. and none where helpful.

    Thanks for saving these links and files.
    Greatly appreciated

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